Rational and Irrational

This is a post of what rational and irrational are. As we all now a Rational thought is conducted by reason and logic, as an irrational thought is the exact opposite. In this I will give you a scenario that will explain the ideas I am using behind these two words. Aside from their actual definition they are also words that can describe an action or a scenario. Take a town that was built under a cliff next to the ocean, there are people there, there are many different jobs and many different professions that make it into a community. Now you have your town imagine the peaceful serenity of people living in harmony.

Suddenly one day a massive tidal wave emerges from the ocean unexpectedly threatening to destroy the town and the lives of the people; a mass panic arises turning citizen against civil servant mass hysteria. .  This is an irrational Scenario so the question is brought to the town officials, how do we save the town? Hmm, this is where the ideas of rational and irrational come into play. The rational thought is we take the people and evacuate the town. Simple effective solution found, however that was not the question. The question is how do we save the town? You cannot answer an irrational question with a rational answer. The argument may come to “The people are the town” That is irrational, a town is made of buildings and community, a community broken by this tragedy. The only answer is irrational; move the town. Yes this is irrational yet it is the answer to the question. Imagine how they would go about moving the town, is it a rational thing that can be done in the time it would take for the tidal wave to reach the city. Take into account that these are people, who have dreams and ambitions and built connections with their accomplishments so simply saving the people won’t do in some cases.

This is another form of irrational thought people making irrational connections to material things and disregarding the importance of their own lives. Granted most of you who are reading this will likely say save the people over the town but the question was “How do you save the town” Put simply you cannot since the ideas in this world are built off of logical happening, in the future maybe it would be possible to save the entire town but as of now the idea is so far-fetched it is never taken into thought. This may have seemed like a long and pointless read but it does have a reason to it as to explain that irrational problems cannot be solved rationally, yet there will always be irrational things in rational ideas.

A rational idea can be played with in the same way take the game of chess for instance there is an irrationality in chess it is known as Zuzwang, it is a German word basically saying every move you make is a bad move from here on out, meaning by extension every move you make is irrational , though there may be rational thought behind the move the fact you have not yet resigned itself is irrational. This is an example of entirely rational ideas being invaded by irrational things.

The point of this post is to illustrate that there are times your mind will jump to irrational conclusions in a rational situation and rational conclusions in an irrational situation. Thank You I am Voolish. Stay tuned for more, if you have ay questions or rebuttals please leave them in the comment section.

Author: Voolish

I am Voolish, I am an interpreter of observation. I interpret the many things I see in life and the many thoughts I have in my head. Voolish is a name, a symbol. IT has no real meaning, yet it can come to mean many things. In this I will share personal ideals and philosophical thoughts thank you for visiting my blog.

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